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What started as a school assignment during my third year at The Hague University, changed into running a startup full-time, next to studying Interaction Design.

The assignment’s goal: come up with an AR-themed prototype within two weeks. With two fellow students, we created our children’s book “Op zoek naar Fl…”. On the face of it, this children’s book is like any other; it tells a story, it has a handy format and a challenging title. But what you don’t see is the hidden layer that brings the book to life with an app…

Follow our journey below.


Concept and design

Being responsible for design, writing the story and concept creation, offered creative freedom. Each page was carefully designed by me, taking both technical possibilities and limitations into account.


Incubation at DIF

The three of us were offered an 18-month incubation trajectory in the Dutch Innovation Factory. We developed our book and app even further and grew into professional entrepreneurs, owners of a digital startup.


Award HHS 2017

After I delivered our business plan to the jury and pitched to a 100-people audience, we won the award of best hybrid student-entrepreneur. The price money enabled us to print yet another edition of our book.


Selling 4000 books

Conducting user research with both kids and their parents paid off. We sold almost 4000 books, plus our book also made it to the shelves of 160 public libraries and several bookstores across The Netherlands.

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