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Christmas is around the corner! I have multiple Christmas cards available to send to the people around you. Please send me an email if you’d like to order one or more cards.


My name is Rosalie de Moel and I am an illustrator.

With my illustrations I’d like to take you on a road trip to places I visited. Where you can feel the warmth of the Sun deep within your bones, where the world is overflowing with colors and a sea filled with letters awaits you. There, where Summer never leaves, is the place my illustrations will take you.

Let’s find a hammock and talk

My services include designing illustrated lettering and creating happy travel illustrations. I also make murals occasionally.

I’m available for work on commission for both editorial and commercial projects, such as magazines, products and packaging.

For inquiries, please call +31 (0)6 4016 0566 or email rosaliedemoel@gmail.com.

A photo with a sketch of a website.


When I’m not painting walls or doing commissioned projects, I’m working as a UX Designer. Teamwork, problem solving and satisfied end users are my all-time favourite topics in this field.
Photo of Rosalie sitting near the sea, drawing on her iPad.


You’ll never see me going somewhere without my iPad. I love working digitally, because of the endless possibilities. My Posca markers also make perfect tools for lettering.

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