Kepa Kurl (Esperance)

In the town of Esperance, where turquoise waters meet pristine white sands, the sun-kissed beachgoers wander barefoot, casting shadows as they chase the dance of dolphins in the shimmering waves.

Introducing the debut print of the Kepa Kurl collection, inspired by the stunning locales of Esperance, Australia, where I’m currently located. This collection will showcase five renowned destinations, encapsulating the essence of the region.

Available in sizes A2 to A6.
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Rosalie de Moel, illustrator.

With my illustrations I’d like to take you on a road trip to places I visited. Where you can feel the warmth of the Sun deep within your bones, where the world is overflowing with colors and a sea filled with letters awaits you. There, where Summer never leaves, is the place my illustrations will take you.

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From designed lettering to captivating travel scenes, this portfolio offers a glimpse into my artistic abilities.
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I’m an illustrator specializing in commissioned projects. With a knack for designing illustrated lettering, crafting travel illustrations, and even dabbling in the occasional mural creation, I have the skills to transform your vision into remarkable visual experiences.

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